HyperX headphones suddenly drop in quality


Sep 14, 2017
So my headset (HyperX KHX-H3CL/WR) quality for my pc just got awful. The headset has a removable splitter so that it can be used with a phone and pc, by adding the splitter which has a mic and stereo connection. The two front ports on my pc don't work, along with the ones on the back (both have horrible quality). I thought it may be just the headphones, but I've tried them both with, and without the splitter on my iPhone, using the same samples of audio as with the pc, and it works spectacularly, so I don't think its them. P.S. this seems to have happened right after I played a game where people were mic spamming very loud.


Backup a bit here, you said your jacks had bad quality, so why are you saying your headphones are the issue? Did you try another set of headphones with the computer to see if issue is on the PC or on the headphones?

If you have bad quality out of your PC jacks, you may want to look at the wiring to make sure they are connected to the case properly and maybe try an add-on sound card.
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