I’m a lifelong iPhone user — here’s why I’m thinking of switching to the Galaxy S24

Jan 5, 2024
I did the switch, very happy with the choice. There's no iPhone as good as the Galaxy 2xS Ultra. The only problem is proprietary Apple features like FaceTime and Find My, so keep that old iPhone handy on Wi-Fi for those occasional needs.
Jan 14, 2024
Iphone 1 user here, currently on my third 6s.
My biggest concern is the backup capability with any android device. My iphones - I can just plug them in, hit "backup" on itunes (which is awful, but does the job) and in a few minutes my entire phone is backed up to my computer. One and done.
When I drop my phone in a snowbank and it's eaten by snow trolls, I just buy another, "restore", and it's like I never lost the first one.
It's beautiful.

With Android it seems you're limited to backing up pictures and maybe a few other odd parts, but no full backup options exist as far as I can tell, and restoring? Not so easy.

This is really the only thing holding me back at this point, as I despise both apple and google, and would love to have one of those new Oneplus 12s with the non-google OS. :-/