I’m an Android user and these 7 iOS 17 features give me iPhone envy

Jun 12, 2023
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Just going to state for the record that most features mentioned in this article were actually pioneered by Google and are available on Google Pixel / Android — some of them for years!

The journalist writing this article even states how he himself owns a Google Pixel 6. Kinda "funny" how he forgot that his own phone has all these features already — and have had them literally for years? How did that go unnoticed?
  • Live transcription of voicemails / incoming call. On Android / Google Pixel it's called "Call Screening" and it was literally launched in 2021 — that is 2 years ago on Google Pixel. It is only available in some select countries though. Even Marques Brownlee called it "kinda like Call Screening for Pixel".
  • Check-in — literally called "Safety Check" on the Google Pixel. The Verge described this feature on Android back in 2020: https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/1/21276908/google-pixel-feature-drop-june-2020-safety-check-bedtime
  • Cleaning up 2FA messages. Google Messages (the standard RCS app) has done this since 2021, where Android Police describes the feature being tested on the Indian market.
I agree that we need improvements on both the Apple Airdrop as well as the Android Nearby Sharing features. I have a Mac, but a Pixel phone. I am getting no use out of neither Airdrop nor Nearby Sharing. I still need to resort to Onedrive for my basic sharing needs.
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