Question I’m desperate for some help with projector and connecting speakers

Oct 24, 2020
Hey guys, I’m desperate for some help I have a Epson EB-X41 XGA 3600 lumens Pro, and I’m aware that it’s got no sound output but I was told I could connect Blue tooth speakers via amazon fire stick , but before I buy one I’ve just tried with a chrome cast and at the moment the sound is still playing on the built in speakers in the projector is there anyway I can solve this ?

projector has the chromecast plugged in the through the HDMI port and then I’m streaming from my phone or iPad the bluetooth sound bar and speakers are connected to my the phone / iPad.

any help is more than appreciated


You are sending your audio output to the Chromecast device that is why it's playing through that and you can't pair the Chromecast hardware to a bluetooth speaker, it sends the audio out through HDMI to the projector. Using a Firestick you should be able to pair that to a bluetooth speaker, read the manual/setup of whatever you plan on buying.
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