I broke the screen protector on my laptop(can it be fixed)


Nov 26, 2014
So the thing that goes around the screen of the laptop, its just like a black outline, well mine popped out yesterday and now whenever it closes i hear a huge crack and it just breaks even more. As of now, only the top part with the camera on it and the top left and right parts are left, but the rest is still hanging onto them. It is possible to pop them back into place but its getting harder to do that as the laptop breaks more and they come apart super easily again if merely touch them. It's also getting to the point that I need to stand something hard and heavy against the back of it to prevent the screen from falling completely backward, I have no idea why it does this, as as far as I can tell, only the screen protector is broken. Is it possible to get this fixed with less than 100 dollars, or could I possibly even fix this myself? I'm a senior in high school right now and I really need this laptop for school, so I'm hoping to get it fixed by the end of this weekend. This is a Lenovo y40-80 and I can't afford to buy a replacement right now as I'm adding the last bits of money into my college fund right now, so any (and I mean any) suggestions are welcome. Thank you so much in advance!
Hi, I found on eBay the bezel you need, it's not new but it could replace the broken bezel. But maybe you will need also the LCD cover. If you need something to support the screen from falling backward, the hinges could be detach from the LCD cover.
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