I had cable, lost cable, now wanting to watch just my basic channels till I get my cable back, how do I go about getting regul

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Dec 17, 2016
I DONT have cable for the time being and I need to know how to hook up through my TV to get just my local channels, what cable do I use to put into my TV to get my local channels


Go to your local Wal Mart and look at the Over The Area Antennas OTA.

There should be one for around $40 that will give you credits toward Sling and other services, so you will get the 8-25 OTA channels depending on your location and a month free of Sling and the other services.

I dropped Direct TV over two years ago for a combination of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sling, Kodi and what I can get on a OTA antenna. On a per month basis that would be around $42 and give you a massive amount of content. There is so much online content available you will never miss having Cable, I have 4 kids and non of them have complained yet.

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Oct 15, 2014
an antenna is what you need. it will get whatever free over the air channels are in your area. i got mine at walmart for $45 and it works great. my area has 33 free channels it receives :)

you do need to do some thinking. how far are you from the transmitting towers?? the antennas are rated for how far away it can get a signal. so a 15 mile one would be able to get a decent signal from 15 miles away. they make longer and shorter range. you have to decide what you need. i went with a 50 mile one even though i am only about 30 miles from the source. just to be safe ;) plus i suggest one that is amplified. meaning it plugs in and boosts the signal it receives. gives a more steady picture with less issues. especially if you are a long way from the source.

should be able to go to your local walmart, best buy type place and find a range of options. mine is a nice low profile one that mounts to the wall high up. this is the one i got. http://www.rcaantennas.net/indoor-hd-antenna/?sku=ANT650Z


Question from Curvymom2 : "Regular Channels How"

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