I have 4 6ohm speakers and need to know what type of amp/receiver do I need to handle the load without going into protection m

Aug 28, 2018
I have 2 DCM Timeframe 600 and 2 DCM Timeframe 400 speakers. When I hooked up the 600 that I recently purchased it blew a chanel on my Denon amp and whe I hooked up my HK received it goes into protection mode after playing for several minutes. I need to know what type of amp/receiver I need to push speakers without problems?
You would need an amp stable into a 3 ohm load. Not common in receivers. There are amps stable into 2-3 ohms but not cheap.
OR you could get an impedance matching speaker selector that would allow you to use them with the Denon or the HK. You might still run out of power.
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