What amp do i need to connect a set of passive speakers to the 2442USB


Mar 19, 2015
I am a total novice and have recently purchased a Behringer 2442 USB mixer. I would like to use a set of passive speakers with the deck but need to know where to connect the amp and if any particular amp is recommended. I am trying to use the full 10 microphone outputs for a group. Can anyone help. Thanks a lot



If you look at the user's manual page 8 you will see that that the AUX SEND ports are identified as the ports to use for speaker hookups. You might also use the CTRL-OUT as shown on page 13.

The amp will depend on the speakers you are trying to drive and the volume you need to create. A pair of monitors for the control room is one thing and a 6ft tall set of towers to cover an audience is another.
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