Question I have a pair of Mackie thump 12a active pa speakers. They are awesome ! How can I hook them up to my smart TV ?

Mar 8, 2019
The mackies are fed by XLR cables. I have a Sony s-master surround. Also using PlayStation 4 for Blu-ray. The 5.1 sounds pretty good ! Is it possible to run the active speakers (Mackie thumps) along with the surround ? Or even just the Mackie thumps ? I've seen pictures or home theater setups using pa speakers . The s-master surround and PlayStation both have optical outputs . I've heard you can use the headphone output, but would that be mono or stereo ? What adapters would I need ? Thanks
You could use a speaker to line level converter connected to the front speaker terminals of the Sony. You would also need 2 cables with RCA and TRS balanced mono phone plugs at the speaker ends.
You will need to rebalance the levels of all the channels if you want surround sound. Depending on what the other speakers are they may not work well with the PA speakers. The subwoofer in the Sony system isn't likely to provide as much bass output of the PA speakers so don't over drive the surround system.
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