Solved! I have a samsung android smartphone. I want to use as a tv remote for an older model magnavox box tv. Please advise. Thank

Nov 9, 2018
I have a samsung androit smartphone that I want to use as a remote for my 2003 magnavox box tv. Please advise. Thank you
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Nov 11, 2018
You can use it on most 1990 and newer TV's IF, this is the important part, IF it is no newer than an S5. Reason being, it still came equipped with an infrared signal. If it is an S5 or younger download the PEEL app. It has an annoying amount of ads, however you can control everything thing on it and create a room by room electronics folder. Now if your phone is newer than an S5 you will have to get a compatible tv. I keep my S5 around for that one reason.