Solved! I have a samsung J4+ got it for xmas 8gb plus a SD card for 64GB

Apr 2, 2019
why are so many appa I download only available to be stored on internal storage. dublin bus act. This means my SD card is nearly empty. Any suggestions. might just go to the computer shops, apparently they can root and fix this problem. Any suggestions to a novice. willing to pay to get extra storage which I was told the SD card was for this. I hv a good SD card. Help. middle aged, but learning. have a level 5 QQI major award so not total eejit. But this internal storage is beyond me. third the formatting etc.
On top of that, there is a draw back to setting the SD card as "Internal" storage. A few of them.

  1. No other device will be able to read/access the data on the card.
  2. Any apps moved to the card will likely move back to the phone when updated, and then have to be moved back to the card (flaw on many phones).
  3. To avoid number 2 you have to uninstall an app and then reinstall it directly to the card.
  4. A drawback to number 3, if you do it that way, when/if you want to no longer use the card, you have to again, uninstall the app and reinstall it directly to the phone.
  5. Should you reset your phone at all, no matter if it is the kind that keeps your files or not, you likely will lose all access to the data (files, apps, etc.) stored on the card.
So think twice before going through all that (rooting, etc.).


Not all devices allow formatting an SD card as internal storage, so yes to move apps to the card you would need to have the system rooted and possibly loaded with a custom ROM.

You can configure apps to store their files on the card though, go through the installed programs and see what you can move to the SD card.

You can also set the camera app to save to the SD card by default in the options there.
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