i have an asus laptop and when i press certain letters the number 9 appears


Mar 14, 2015
Can you elaborate in a more coherent way, such as a picture?

I can only draw the remote conclusion that you have an application that helps you identify if you Numb-Lock is pressed. When you press the Numb-Lock key, you activate the Number pad on your keyboard. Some manufactures, such as Asus includes an application that show an icon(Such as a Large Number Nine) to notify you that the Numb pad is now active and you will be able to use it to input digits instead of using it as a secondary directional key(Or Arrow keys).

If you that is your problem, to disable it, try the following post by killing bttray.exe in the control panel:


A long term fix is also explained as well by modifying your registry. But don't jump the gun on that one before you are sure.
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