Solved! I have an echo input. Where do I put the cable in my bose lifestyle equipment to make it play music through all my wired spea


Sep 16, 2015
I have a 1997 model Bose lifestyle wired speakers thorughout my home. My husband and I really enjoy listening to Carolina Beach music cd's throughout the house. I am trying to get into smart home and purchased an echo input because I was told by amazon tech that it would allow us to request music through our prime account and it would play throughout the house speakers. Well I have not had any success nor has the tech that I spoke with so I am coming to a group that give me some advice.
Where do I plug the cable in as everything on the back of the lifestyle thing has 2 ports and the cord that came with the input only has 1 port. So do I need to purchase another type of cable?

Also I have purchased the echo plus because it has that hub that I will need when I purchase the thermostat. If we get this echo input to work, can the input and echo plu8s play music at the same time as they are in different rooms.

Thank you so very much for y our help.

MeMe Jenn
All you need is a 3.5mm to RCA audio cable. Don't know if the speaker will play music when you connect an external speaker to it, but easy to find out once you have it connected.