Solved! How do I keep the song order in my itunes playlist when transfered to my Huawei phone (Google Play Music or any music app)?

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Oct 5, 2018
In itunes l have around 3000 songs in maybe 20 playlists, and the songs are in a specific order in those playlists.
However the songs dont appear in the same order within the playlists when l copy my itunes library to my Android phone (Huawei) - the songs appear in alphabetical order and cant be amended.
I have tried with the music app thats built into the phone, Google Play Music and Double Twist - but it seems that its impossible to mimic my itunes playlists in the phone.
Any tips from anyone?
I know of no way to change it unless you can find a specific app that will allow for it, or rename them so they show up in the order you want.
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