i have windows 8, i want to watch movies from my computer through my surround sound system to my TV


Jan 28, 2015
hi, i have a dvr surround sound with one hdmi cord that goes to my tv , then i have a red white yello cord from surround to cable box from cable box i have a hdmi cord to tv every thing plays good . i want to hook up my laptop to watch movies it's a windows 8 , i get a picture but no sound , the only way i get sound is if i do it direct to the TV. i bought a three way hdmi hook up one line goes to the TV to the device then i have 3 hdmi imports on it . i plug the cable box to #1 then dvr surround sound to #2 imput then the Laptop to #3 i can switch between the three imputs still cant get sound??? someone said to change my sound on the laptop to default i dont know how to do that , please help Thank you James


Go to Control Panel / Sound and in the Playback tab select whatever you have connected.
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