I need a TV with an analogue audio out connection ?



Hello,I am thinking of buying a pair of B & W MM-1 laptop speakers, for my laptop, but i would like to use them for my main room speakers. I believe that I can connect these speakers to a TV, but I am not sure of the connection that I need for the TV end. The speaker connection is 3.5mm jack plug type. Do I need to look for an analogue audio out or a digital audio out on the TV ?


Jul 13, 2006
Most TV's with VGA input (common now) have a miniRCA input that pairs with the VGA input. If instead it has two RCA (red and white) connections that pair with the VGA, you can buy a miniRCA to RCA Y cable for this.
You will need to find a TV with analog audio outputs (this is rare these days). The cable may require RCA connecctors at the TV end and miniplug at the speakers. You can also use a digital to analog converter connected to the optical audio out of the TV and the cable above from the DAC to the speakers.
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