I now get constant fps drops

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Jul 2, 2018
I don't know if this is correct but I see something called drive airflow temp and I'm just going to use that as reference, but it says 44 degrees Celsius across the board
Jul 2, 2018
My bios doesn't look like that, it looks different, but still it doesn't have that option, just some adjusting settings, I can't even boost it but I stand corrected, only the hwinfo app shows me, but thanks for the app.


Yea i assumed your bios would look different, was hoping you'd find a page with similar info. Anyhow looking on Lenovo forums people trying to find status info in the bios are refereed to software like speed fan, hwinfo, realtemp etc. Lenovo hasn't included as such in their bios it seems.

So what does hwinfo say again, sorry didnt understand?


To take a screen shot you'd use he PrtScn key on the keyboard, that takes a snap shot of your entire screen. Paste the picture in Paint and crop the image you want to share and save it as a jpeg file then upload it to imgur with the url posted here so i can click it.

Anyway in hwinfo, the motherboard category is 7th row down. The bottom of the list, do you see chassis1 and cpu and rpm speeds?

We'll try a different way, hwinfo might be too confusing for you or laptop is not allowing it to show info in detail.

Speed fan: https://www.techspot.com/downloads/547-speedfan.html
- Should show fan rpm speed

Realtemp: https://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
-Shows temperature for all cores, cpu load % and cpu speed all in the one window.

Have speed fan and realtemp open side by side and run a program that'll test your cpu like intel burn test: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Benchmarks/IntelBurnTest.shtml

-intel burn test is a small window so you can have all three apps (speedfan, realtemp and ibt) infront of you. Leave ibt (intelburntest) at default settings and just click start. Can stop it any time. If it gets to 95c or so, don't run it for much longer. Watch temps, fan rpm and cpu speeds closely. While ibt is working, your laptop will feel sluggish as cpu will be working 100%.


All we're trying to see if your cpu fan is responding to the increase in cpu heat. It should be.

Can adjust cpu fan rpm in speedfan as well, whether you'll be allowed or not, not sure.


That link is no good - - it's just the imgur.com home page. We need link direct to your screenshot image.


Ok thanks. Realtemp is showing it reached 55c on core 1 and 57c on core 2.

Cpu speed is currently at 1097.51MHz. Did speed increase at all when running ibt?

In hwinfo, there is no mention of cpu fan speed anywhere? I cant see it there, its not further up?

Ignore smart or drive category. They are to do with your hdd, you want stats to do with cpu under acpi.

Speedfan isnt detecting fan. Either speedfan is buggy or it cant receive fan information because it might not be connected. Double check cpu fan is connected and spinning.

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