I ordered a hdmi to rca which i thought was going to be yellow red white for my ps3 and it came in mail and is green blue red

Mar 22, 2018
Need help with the cord i ordered hdmi to rca jacks and it came in mail grn blue and red not yellow red white... Tried everything to get my ps3 working on this samsung 2001 tv but no cigar
Mar 19, 2018
RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is an analog video cable. It is only component video, no audio. A red white yellow cable is composite audio (red, white being the left and right signal and yellow being the video signal. An HDMI cable would have HDMI connectors on both sides and the signals are both stereo audio and component video signals. The HDMI is a digital signal where as the red green yellow are analog signals so you would need something to convert the digital to analog, so there is no "cable" that is HDMI to red, white yellow.
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