I spilled 16oz of Coffee Across my HP Laptop Keyboard


Aug 4, 2015
I pooped a little. I powered down immediately. It came back up without my approval, the fans ran real loud, I shut it down again, removed battery/power source, drained it, let it sit for 30 hours, I took it apart and cleaned what I could reach with isopropyl alcohol, and re-assembled. When I try to boot back up, the caps lock button blinks in a pattern I looked up that states "The CPU is not detected."

Good news: the harddrive I removed after the incident was in good working order, and was totally backed up on an external drive for what doesn't seem like a lot of money when you're in a panic with your work computer.

What are the odds this computer is totally shot? Think a noob like me can fix it or get it fixed for less than what the thing costs? (about 700 bucks 12 months ago).

Got any recommendations? I took the bottom cover off, but I didn't remove the keyboard because I didn't feel comfortable at the time. I've been looking at videos and gaining some confidence.


Aug 4, 2015
TY for the response. I went, just bit the bullet -- and got a new laptop. I'll tinker with the older guy when I have the time. Shame I'm a klutz :D

Legion Y540 from Lenovo beat out that HP anyway.
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