I spilled water on keyboard, 15Z dell, plus the power button was finickity, now nothing.


Aug 30, 2017
Hi there Deastin,

I will be happy to assist you. The water was spilled over the whole laptop in the case you are trying to tell. The phrase you described about "the power button was finickity, now nothing".

Try holding it down for a couple of seconds. See if it beeps or maybe go into diagnostics mode! Might even start windows?

Well incase if this doesn't solve your problem then please reply to this thread and I will be happy to assist you.

Warm Regards,
Acme Gamer
I hope you are not turning that thing on right away (or trying to). If you do that you could so fry your device. You need to let it dry out. Like for a long long time. The more water the longer the drying time. Like oh days. If you can I would remove that keyboard and also keep it unplugged and remove the battery while it dries. Leave it somewhere safe and open.
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