I took nearly 400 photos with Pentax’s B&W-only digital camera — and I may never shoot in color again

Mar 31, 2024
These photos look great. And I love the enthusiasm for black and white by Pentax. I also love enthusiast tools. I think they are great for a lot of people. That said, I can 100% reproduce this look in Lightroom with any high(ish) megapixel raw file.

I think there is something to be said for different sensors using different color science, and choosing a camera system accordingly. Our eyes are very sensitive to color. So it makes sense that some people prefer x, y, or z camera.

But I also think any sensor can be worked on and made to look great in post. And I think this statement holds even more true for black and white since color is taken out of the equation making post processing much easier.

But… I also think some people like limitations, especially in todays over saturated tech world, so if having a black and white only camera floats their boat, then I say go for it. Nothing wrong with committing to something. Pentax makes a fantastic product IMO.