I upgraded my desk setup with a touchscreen display and it’s made multitasking so much easier

Feb 24, 2024
Very nice. I think I am on a similar path, just a little behind, using a touch 1920x480 right now. I wanted to mention, "...this one also needs to be set as my main display in Windows for the touchscreen to properly work.", this is not really true.
  1. Control panel and Serach for "Tablet PC Settings"
  2. Click "Setup" and follow the instructions.
I'm using my little display as more of an "Info and Action" center. Currently it tracks upcoming meetings, time, CPU usage, and music controls.


Apr 6, 2017
Funny how Google listens to you isn't it?

Had a small monitor as a second monitor for a while and I'm about to get another 27" monitor and have literally yesterday just moved this small one to above my monitor instead of below.

I actually didn't think of below as I though that would raise my main monitor to be too high up? Do none of you have that issue? My main monitor is a 32" G7 and the smaller one is a rather cheap brand but is mainly there as a stat monitor or media content screen while doing work, it's 15.6".