I want a Wireless Gaming Headset any Suggestions?


Feb 24, 2014
Right now i have a Razer Blackshark and i had got it when it first came out and I personally loved them the sound was good it had felt comfortable and the mic was very good for a headset ranging around $150. now i'm looking for a new headset because my Blacksharks after 3 years I have lost the foam piece for the mic, one side had gotten stiff and i cannot change from wearing over both to one ear anymore without making my ear in on the side that is covered fold over and when i try to adjust the mic it starts to make a grinding sound and feels like it's gonna break. I am constantly using a headset and recently i started to realize that i really don't like to deal with the cord and it accidentally knocking over my monitor because I have the cord behind the monitor and every time I go to adjust my head I almost knock over my monitor. does anyone have recommendations i have been looking at the Astro A50 but I heard that the mic is pretty bad for headset standards and I constantly use Skype. Is there any other good options preferably that I could go to a store and buy because I am usually very picky about the headsets I use and shipping can be a hassle and I would like a new pair in a day or two and I heard mixed reviews on the Astro A50. Does anyone have other good suggestions?


Mar 21, 2012
I have the logitech G930. Like it ok but had to mess with several settings to get rid of bass rattle, move the usb dongle farther away to get rid of a buzzing noise, and you have to hold it by the band to keep from snapping the ear cups off... All that to say, if you can find good sale on them and have the patience to get them right they sound great. Don't use mic much but tested out fine in teamspeak.
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