Question i want to reset my toshiba L855 S5405 to factory

Apr 30, 2019
can someone help me with this? pressing 0 then powering up doesn't work. windows key +c doesn't work. i'd like to pass my laptop off but need to scrubb it. tha nks!
NOTE: These will only work if you can get into the system. They will not work if you can't even get into Windows.

In Windows versions prior to 10, you should be able to...

  1. Go into "Control Panel" and then click "Recovery."
  2. Next click "Advanced Recovery Methods."
  3. Now click "Return your computer to factory condition."
And in 10...

To do this go to "Start", then "Settings". Next choose "Update & security" and then "Recovery" Here click "Get started" and select the option you wish to use. From here just follow the on-screen instructions to restore Windows 10 back to how it was upon leaving the factory.