I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion 15-e026AX Laptop


Dec 5, 2015
Hello Experts,I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion 15-e026AX Laptop (AMD APU Quad Core A10-4600M- 8GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 15.6 Inche- 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7660G and AMD Mobility Radeon HD 8670M Graphics) my main intention is to upgrade CPU and GPU but i which are supported by this laptop so i request you to please provide me best solution for upgrade supported by this laptop.
I am also purchasing a SSD for this i hope this will give me few more month with this laptop as i am not ready to build a PC right now regarding my work i am a CAD user,Graphic designer and i use KeyShot a lot for rendering purpose i know it is best for me to create own desktop but i need some time also this laptop will help me during travelling.

here is mother board info
Hewlett-Packard 1983 (Socket FT1) 83 °C

Thanks in advance


There is nothing you can upgrade in the laptop, any upgrade that is possible to that A10 would be at best another A10 which would not be worth trying to do at all. Only thing you can do is get the SSD to make it faster. More RAM won't really help you too much but if can run 16, that is another thing you can do.