I3 6100U or I5 6200U Laptop for college?

David Andras

Sep 7, 2016
I have to choose between an Acer E5 for 580 USD (I3 6100u, 4gb RAM, GTX 950m 2gb GDDR4) and an Acer F5 for 710 USD (I5 6200u, 4gb RAM, GTX 950m 4gb GDDR5). The F5 also features a backlit keyboard and a much nicer metal case. I will be using the machine for some CAD, Adobe Lightroom, and some gaming too. Does the plus 2gb of GDDR5, the CPUs Turbo Boost and the other extras worth the 130 USD difference for me? (ps. I would upgrade to 8gb RAM later, but now I am a bit low on money)