IdeaPad Z580 intergrated graphics outperformaing dedicated


Nov 27, 2010
i been trying help my friend with this problem her laptop, a lenovo IdeaPad Z580,
this is the item from newegg

the issue is that when through the nvidia controls having it start games with the integrated HD4000 graphics the game she plays runs 60FPS and the 635M shows as inactive, in HWmonitor it will completely disappear and such, and then starting a game on the dedicated 1GB 635M the game will run down to about 40FPS, i check through afterburner and it said the gpu was running at proper speed about 667mhz, tho its running worse then the HD4000 what seems unreasonable, and it seems such a waste to have a dedicated card and never even use it

does anyone know how to fix this issue , any help would be much appreciated
check that she has the newest bios for the laptop and then change the power profile to max performance. (she may have to turn off the onboard gpu. make sure she has the newest nvidia drivers. in the control panel set the gpu to max monitor power sleep off..she may also have ot adgust nvidia aa/aaaffx settings and the games eye candy.