Solved! If i boot from an external hard drive through a laptop, will the laptop lose it's data?

Oct 16, 2019
Background Info: So, my PC tower running windows 7 64bit died (F$%^); but the hard drive still works (yay). I really don't have the finances for a new tower atm; so I want to boot my BF's laptop (running windows 8 32bit) via my (now) external hard drive. I don't want to F-up BF's laptop though, so does anyone know if booting from an external drive will do anything to the laptops drive?

Why I want to do this: I miss my computer *sob
No booting off an external drive won't do anything, but you won't be able to really run your system that way. Windows is not designed to run off an external drive, the hardware between the systems will mess up the drivers and it will be slow.