If I buy a bluetooth amp and bluetooth speaker...Do I still need to wire it together? looking to avoid wire mess.


Nov 13, 2016
If I buy a Yamaha stereo receiver with bluetooth and a bluetooth speaker, will the speaker play what the amp is sending out without hooking up any speakers?
OK, assuming what you wish works, the BT speakers needs to be POWERED, meaning plugged in to a wall outlet, I dunno if you consider that a mess. Maybe even worse, some BT speaker pairs, one of the speakers has the power plug (where the internal amp is), then you have to run a cable between the 2 speakers. There are battery powered BT speakers but I am not touching those.

Then when you read receiver with BT, they often mean a BT RECEIVER, intended to be used, for example, playing your smartphone on it. What you propose, most likely will require a externally attached BT TRANSMITTER, not expensive, but it's another piece that needs to be added.

BT speakers, at least used as the mains, defeats the purpose of a powerful, low-noise, high-fidelity receiver/amplifier.
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