If I want to ship my mac to the USA via DHL. Is it allowed? And how much I should pay


Sep 13, 2017
I have a laptop in lebanon and it is used. I need to ship it to the USA. But don't know if that is ok or not or how much will cost me


You should first contact the DHL branch/office at your region to get a better understanding of whether you can and will be allowed to do such a thing. I know that so long as you conform to their rules and can pay for their services(which isn't going to be cheap) they will get the mobile computing device to the desired location.

I would advise though that you should think ahead before sending it(if you get the green signal from DHL) since the product might be insured if damaged but claiming for said damage would result in time lost and ofc every one wants things to work out of the box thus that the packaging is properly insulated with styrofoam or foam+bubblewrap.

Oh and one more thing, don't you think you could send it via a friend leaving for the USA?
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