Im looking for a laptop thats got good specs for gaming within the price range o


Jul 30, 2012
which games?
screen size?
reasonable budget?
Sorry budget was meant to be in the question

I just want the best I can get for £700 (not a lot I know and I cant go desktop)

Not too fussed about screen size

I play wow, diablo, minecraft and dayz



May 14, 2012
Optimus III 15: (essentially the same thing as the Sager NP6165)

Comes with one of the best GPUs and one of the best displays available within your budget. You might want to take a Core i3 or Core i5 CPU upgrade because the Celeron B970 receives very low benchmark scores in comparison, and you may want to take a hard drive capacity / speed upgrade. You should also bump the memory up to 4GB, because 2GB is on the low side even for basic usage (on a 64-bit OS).

15.6" 1920x1080, NVIDIA GT 650M, i5-3210M, 500GB 7200RPM = £694.00
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