Images are neither viewable on camera nor on pc


Apr 3, 2017
I noticed a problem with Canon 1300 D. I used a 32GB SD card and photographed almost 55 images. However some of the images can be viewed on both camera display and pc but some are not.
These images were displayed for duration of 2sec after capture. but afterwards it was showing just a "?" on display. (suspect that SD card may be corrupt)
I tried various photo viewers to open these images. Following are the error messages.
Photo viewer " file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large"
Microsoft office picture manager - no error message, but blank file with no picture and camera properties.
Microsoft photo " This format can not be open"
Free photo viewer - No information
IrfanView - Preview section shows width 192, Height 128, Colors 24bpp, RAM size 0.07MB, File size 6.16 MB

I tried to recover files using Stellar Phoenix repair for JPEG, recovered file shows "invalid file".

No I am trying Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software.

Please help me to recover these images.

Thanks and regards,



Mar 16, 2016
There are other data-recovery tools. But there is no guarantee those images are recoverable.
If you google "image recovery SD card" you will see lots of options to try. Just don't expect too much.


Jun 28, 2013
Hi there,

I work for an archiving and data recovery company in Australia and constantly work with SD cards with the same problems as yours. There are, as Bjornl said earlier, many programs that recover lost, formatted or hidden data. However, there are only a few programs that will 'repair' corrupt files. Even so, these programs are very spotty, expensive and in my 4 years of experience, I would say, that they only 'repair' 5-10% of files.

Unfortunately I don't think there is much hope in repairing these corrupt files. You can try sending it to a data recovery company like mine who employ such programs but there is little to no guarantee you will see those files again.

I can offer you a free program that I have use to recover lost, formatted or hidden files, but it does not repair corrupt files. PhotoREC.

In the future I would recommend always ejecting your SD card using the software method of ejecting. This will reduce the chance the card corrupts in the future. Also, as many MANY people will remind you. Backups are a life saver! ofcourse, sometimes bad things just happen and that sucks!

I hope you found something useful in my reply and i'm sorry I can't offer you a fix.
- Mitch
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