Importing Outlooking Calendar Events to Google Calendar.

Frag Mortuus

Sep 18, 2009
Hey Guys,

My company currently allows users to be added to a user group that is allowed to access their corporate Outlook account from their cellphones. However, some folks don't want to do this because if the user were to leave the company they reserve the right to wipe your phone remotely and the user will lose all of their data. They literally do a factory reset. This will also happen if your password is input wrong five times. So, if your phone is password protected and your kid gets a hold of the your phone and messes with it too much, your phone is wiped automatically.

So, what some people would like to do is just import their calendar events from Outlook (its actually an exchange server) to their smart phones, mainly Android. Also, they would like to have this happen automatically instead of having to forward each event. So, as soon as they accept or create an event it automatically forwards it to their Google Calendar.

Is this possibe? All the research I've done seems to be out of date. Also, we use Office 2010 here.



I believe it would be possible but you would have to find someone that would be able to write a Java script for it to be automatically done. Then your company would have to approve the script to be loaded into their Outlook software.