Incompetence of geek squad and Linux laptop


May 24, 2007
Hello everyone. I have recently had to return my laptop to the best buy for warranty on the mobo again. (Just died one day in xp) Anyways, When I was there for the initial paperwork filing out on the second time they managed to get it to boot up, and they ask what was the boot menu for? I said I run ubuntu for recreation and xp pro for work. Than the one geek called the manager over and here said I don’t know if I can help you with your laptop. I said the mobo is going again and needs to be replaced. He asked how I know this I said because every time I try and boot up I get a screen with different colored lines filling it and my cd drive now no longer works (worked fine before first mobo replacement). They said they will take it in for diagnostics. But they said stuff like I don’t know if the warranty will work with Linux on there. All this has happened within 4 days. I got my laptop back on Friday and it died 5 hours later and I just managed to get it to the store today. IF I get screwed by the geek squad what is my next course of action?

Laptop in question is a GAteway MT6451


Oct 9, 2006
if the laptop is under warranty it's hardware they are fixing they wouldn't fix a software issue. if geeksquad screws you sue them. your warranty is not dependant on your O/S it's dependant on the hardware working as advertised and being replaced free for a specific period of time if anything goes wrong. if they won't honor your warranty then it's time to get the process started to take them to court to force them to own up. if the warranty it's under is with the original manufacturer then the geeksquad has no right to say we probably can't help you it's up to gateway to approve or deny but I would think that the technicians working for gateway will know what linux is and realize it has nothing to do with the issue.

good luck in your dealings with geeksquad aka the idiotic best buy employees who are more sales people than computer techs


Feb 15, 2007
I agree with overclockingrocks, however, Linux being third party may influence the judge's final decision. When you install Linux, it specifies it being at your own risks. As the previous poster specifies, you shouldn't have problems regarding software, although geeksquad may use that excuse.

In my opinion geeksquad can't do ****, they remain in their regular protocol and if they have a problem, they'll just screw over the customer. I've taken very few times warranty from stores like this (they usually make they're money off that), if it's free I'll take it without question, still being hesitant about the service I'm going to get.

Good luck with your Laptop,


Dec 29, 2006
If they are funny about it you could just use your restore discs (I'm assuming you have some) and put XP back to how it was when you bought it. They can't say anything then.


Jun 19, 2012
If you had a dual boot on your PC with Ubuntu and XP, that should not have been an issue, especially with a hardware issue being the problem in the first place. For in store work, agents are not allowed to do work on Ubuntu apart from installing it if the client wishes. But if the native OS is still on the unit, they should not have said anything. Sounds like the store you brought it to was run by morons.
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