Install bluetooth on Lenovo G570

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aarti kumari

Nov 13, 2012
my bluetooth is not showing in my lenovo laptop G570 after format the laptop.. so i wnt to know that why it's not showing and if it is not in my laptop then tell me how i install it immediately because i have some urgent work but i don't see bluetooth device... due to that device there are many problems are created in offices and home..

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Have a look in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager in XP or just Device Manager in Vista or Windows 7/8 and right click the Bluetooth device which will be one with a yellow question or exclamation mark beside it. Go to Properties then click the Driver tab and click the Update Driver button.

If Windows can't ind one in the system or online, go back to Properties and click the Details tab, then scroll to Hardware IDs and note down the four characters after VEN for Vendor and the four which follow DEV for Device. Go to and input those details in the relevant boxes and you will see the list of all the right manufacturer's products but sadly, they aren't in order. Use Internet Explorers Edit menu then Find to type in the DEVice ID and the search will find the correct entry. Follow the link to the site for the correct driver and download it.

Welcome to Tom's mithunkarmakar but we really need a little more detail than just one word. Do you have the same type of laptop as the original poster back in November last year? Please start a new thread of your own with some more information as to what's actually wrong. This thread is closing.
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