Question Intermittent sound issues on Toshiba 4K when playing files off USB

Oct 31, 2021
Hi I have a Toshiba 43UL3B63DG, less than 3 months old. In the last few days I have started watching files on USB flash drives.
Today I have a problem that I will try to play a file and there will be no sound.
Completely switching off and on "fixes" the issue, but only that time, the next file I play I have the same issue.
To be clear, the files do have sound, and I will succeed in hearing it if I go through this rigmarole, but it is very annoying to have to keep resetting the TV in this way for each new file.
I have checked for updates and the system tells me there is no update available.
Suggestions please?
Oct 31, 2021
Hi hang-the-9, thanks for the response.
This issue applied across all the files on multiple sticks, regardless of the format they were coded.
And as I posted, the files DO play in their current format, and using the current sticks, if I do the reset the TV "workaround".

Oh, and yesterday it wouldn't even pick reproduce sound from a stream from my PC. (But would give sound from the TV box supplied by the ISP, and from the built-in Netflix, so the speakers themselves are working.)

But I hear you, if there is no FW update there may not be much I can do.

If this persists I may have to try return the TV.
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