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Jul 17, 2017
Can somebody try to explain this to me is it a loop hole? you tell me
I have just discovered something by accident and I want to utilise it to the fullest,
Remember that particular time when you are busy surfing the internet opening several tabs on your browser trying to access different sites all at once,
well this happened to me several weeks ago.When I was busy surfing the net something just happened, my ISP disconnected me from the net and thats the time I realised
I had run out of bundles. Normaly I would close out all the windows and shut my pc until the next day when I get some cash to subscribe for another internet plan, but on this particular day something caught my eye, As I was closing the windows one particular site was still running.I then tried to browse through this site's contents and wallah! everything was being accessed at a much greater speed, I even tried to play videos(HD) and the response was superb the 28min video played without buffering.Now my question is could there be a way of accessing other sites via this site I have just discovered if it is at all a loop hole?.And if it is a yes how can i do that?
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