Internet Explorer 9 Beta Thoughts


Nov 12, 2010
Has anyone tried this beta out yet? I have. It seems pretty nice so far, although i am getting random crashes and trouble loading some webpages.. but hey it's a beta so you gotta respect it. Its a good change in the source code itself.. exspecially in the GUI. Speed is a lot better on most webpages too (the ones it doesn't have trouble with btw). It seems like Microsoft used inspired ideas from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and mixed it together. Not a bad idea if you ask me. Thats just my opinion though. I like it. Internet 7 was horrible, 8 was ok, 9=much better. Hopefully they improve the beta and don't destroy it :(.

What are everybody else's thoughts on this internet 9 beta?


Oct 5, 2007
While MS did use ideas from FF and Chrome, a lot of what they are doing is ahead in some ways. I tested IE9 vs FF4 and IE9 was more compatable with a slew of things FF4 wasn't and overall at the time IE( was faster.

But there is supposed to be a new RC of IE9 out tomorrow or so its rumored.

They made a lot of changes, bug fixes and enhancements to it so hopefully its even better.

I like FF for some things but IE9 has great HTML5 support and so far loads faster to start and loads web pages faster than FF.