Internet Security Alert 055bccac9fec?


Jul 6, 2010
Any actions needed for internet security alert 055bccac9fec? I was on when I got the security alert, I didn't get the message as soon as I wen't to the website, I stepped away from my computer with Firefox still opened, when about 20 minuets later I heard a guy speaking about a security alert, I checked and noticed that where my tab for was, their was the security alert page instead, I right clicked on the back page button, and was listed under tab history. I've gotten a similar message a couple of times before while reading a news article on yahoo news, and didn't pay much attention to it as I assumed it was just yahoo news. No software recently installed except for superantispyware which I installed after receiving similar messages on yahoo news, which scan found nothing, even Norton and malewarebytes found nothing.


Jul 6, 2010
So my computer isn't infected and it was just a hijacked add that redirected to that page? I know the alert page is a scam, just wasn't sure if it was just a redirect or if my computer/browser was infected that caused it to popup. I just remembered I gotten something similar while on Xfinity's home page a few time, which I find highly odd that it would happen on my internet providers homepage.




Right. Your PC is NOT infected.
"Windows Technical Support" will never contact you.

This is designed to get you to call that number.
Then, they will talk you into allowing them connection and control of your PC. It IS, "Windows Technical Support", after all. They can be trusted, right?

Once they're in your system, he will open up Event Viewer.
And show you hundreds of "Events".
If there's that many, surely there is a problem.
No. It's supposed to do that.
They will then scare you into coughing up money to "fix it". (which is simply deleting some of those 'events')

There is no problem.

Like when you take your car to the mechanic:
"Your framistan valve is bent, and your turn signal fluid needs replacing"

The real unscrupulous ones will also take this opportunity to scour your system for any passwords.
And of course, leave behind a remote access tool, to gain access to your system whenever they want.

You need an ad blocker.


Jul 25, 2017
Install uBlock Origin. These things are just stupid ads that Google is too lazy to screen. If there is ever anything truthful about them it is purely coincidence. uBlock Origin is my favorite ad blocker (besides my pihole DNS ad blocker xD) and it works incredibly well.
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