Question iPhone 12 battery performance is bad

Sep 21, 2021
Got my iPhone 12 six month ago so it’s still on 99% battery health.
And lately I am experiencing shorter battery life espacially browsing safari
Battery might be defective but I wanted to know if it could also be something else
Thanks for helping


Need a bit more details here, exactly how bad is it? Of course browsing the web will use up battery life. How have you been tracking it? Could be anything from it just being normal for the usage you are doing, and the screen brightness to a battery issue. But without proper full details no way to know. Is the brightness level the exact same now as before? Did you check the phone and uninstall any programs you may have installed over the time that can be running in the background using battery if the battery lasts much shorter now than earlier. How long did the battery last or to a certain % now vs before? And again, is it comparing the exact same setup and screen brightness and amount of use? Maybe you are just using the phone for longer periods of time or doing more tasks that need more power from it.

If it's 6 months old, it's in warranty, did you contact Apple support with the details to see what they say?
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