iPhone 15 Pro Max Cyber Monday deals — how to get big discounts on the latest iPhone

Nov 27, 2023
I wish this were true. I jumped at this sale and at least what customer service to me is that the deal won’t cover the entire purchase that they’ll only cover up to $1,000 if you have one of the qualifying phones to trade in. Since the pro max is $1,199.99 & while I’d get the full $1,000 for trading in my 12 Pro Max & so i’d still have an additional $8 more added to my bill after the credits as well as the additional $5 a month my bill would go up in order to even be considered eligible. $13 a month for 24 months adds up. I could’ve handled one but both are too much. I wish T-Mobile would be held accountable for their wording. “On us” and placing that above each of the different 15 models implies that it’ll cost the consumer nothing (aside the universally know fee off tax of the full price of the item) and that it implies to all model. Yes if you have the proper trade in you can get any of the 15s except Pro Max with that one they’ll only provide the base 15 the plus and the pro