iPhone 3gs Help! Urgent!



Today i decided to reset my iphone (erase all data) and i have this problem that says ''Charger is not supported with this accessory). Yeah, i know it still charges but very slow. So i decided to restart phone, but then it run out of charge. I charged it for 7 hours and it is still stuck on the red battery symbol (http://tinyurl.com/n2uuktz). The charger is 100% working and plugged. I don't know what to do. I bought 5 apple chargers and shows the same thing. And i haven't even finish reseted my iphone. So every time i get the the connect phone to itunes picture, it goes back to the red battery. Plz help.

Shermy Lam

Oct 11, 2013
hi, i think that it is a battery problem, i know first hand because my ipod touch died but all it needed was a new battery, you should get yours changed, as for the accessory not supported, im not really sure (sorry) try reseting it again!