IPod Unresponsive

Carter Blum

Mar 21, 2012
hello, this is my second post on Tom's hardware. My ipod touch (3G) has been having problems recently. I'll list the problems and possible contributors in order.
-Got Ipod screen fixed
-Dropped it, got a small barely noticeable crack in a corner.
-Several months later, the screen is having irresponsiveness issues. No other notable things have happened to it. It often stops responding to any touch, though all other aspects work fine, like all buttons. This often stops should I turn off the screen and restart it again, or push down the screen a couple times, though this only solves the issue for a good 30 seconds before I have to repeat. Was debating with self whether or not to replace screen.
-I jaibroke my ipod several weeks after these started happening. I used RedSnow. Things downloaded-Cydia (no duh), gpSPhone, and iFile. All were downloaded simultaneously.
-3 weeks later (today), I was at school and I was turning on my ipod touch (which I had used a couple minutes before). It was at full battery. No notable events had happened since me jailbreaking it 3 weeks ago, since when no other issues (aside from the previously listed one) had appeared. It started by turning on (from boot up), which I thought was odd as I had only turned off the screen and lock. I had not used 'Just Boot' earlier this day, though I have gone without before and without issue. It took several minutes to turn on (which is unusual), then flashed white and continued to repeat the process a couple more times. When it stopped, I tried hitting the power button a couple times, but to no avail other than being greeted with the start up (which took excessively long) and a white screen. Sometimes it repeated, sometimes it did not. I repeated the process again and again. Eventually it would stop showing the white screen and just turn off or crash after the long boot and sometimes not even respond to me hitting the power button. By the end of the hour, it was not even showing the any response at all to me touching the power button. When I arrived home several hours later, I tried to put it in DFU mode, (no response), connect it to my computer (computer didn't sense it) and charge it, none of which worked. Additionally, I tried another test in which I tried to identify if it was surely not merely a burnt screen by plugging in my headphones, turning it on and double tapping home then play. There was no response from the headphones.
My question is, is there any chance for my Ipod touch. If so, how can I fix it, and if not, what happened, what was the cause, and why are you sure of it (I'm not going to throw away my ipod simply because someone said no with no reasoning.) I can't bring it to the apple store because I have it jailbroken and my Warranty is out. Thank you all very much, any help possible would be very much appreciated.


From reading the first 3 items and skipping the rest, replace the thing. Dropping, screen replacement, jailbreaking, the thing is toast. You can try to re-load the original OS on it if it comes up on the computer as a device.
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