is it my macbook battery or overheating?


Oct 31, 2015
So my macbook will shut down when i am gaming on bootcamp. Total shut down after playing say need for speed 10 hot pursuit for i think around 20 mins.

Thought the battery life was severly decreased used some mac program to check and it's pretty new only 53 charge cycle after almost 2 years of usage.

My macbook is inside a plastic protective casing so i guess that might be one of the factors the heat might be trapped?

I d/l the mac fan controls and set to full speed and doesn't help macbook still shuts down after gaming. My room doesn't have air conditioning and i live in a country near the equator.

I place the macbook on an elvated surface so that the heat can flow out but still inside the casing and it doesn't help either.

Question is it the heating issue or simply cos the battery at 30% cannot handle excessive cpu+graphics usage and no power is available to run it at 30% but it still can surf the net/do light work?

Hope someone knows.
My Macbook's bottom gets warm when pushed so am going to say the plastic has something to do with it, BUT, a well tuned laptop the CPU suppose to throttle down when heat hits a plateau to avoid a shutdown. If still under Apple care, I would take it in and have them have a look-over.