Question Is it normal for a heatsink to have this kind of hole?

Feb 8, 2021
Does the system have issues with overheating? Yes the heatsink has liquid in it but hard to tell from the pictures if it leaked or if that is just something left over from the build.
Yeah it has issues with overheating (Shuts down because it was warmer then expected). The Fan and the vent was clean so I examined the heatsink, then I saw that weird hole, so I tested the laptop's CPU then I noticed the heat was not traveling throughout the heatsink, It's really hot in the area where the CPU is located, but the fan is still releasing cold air. Fan is also running faster than usual .

I was thinking that the thermal paste must be reapplied, but I'm in a country where it's difficult to find those. So I want to confirm if it just needs the Paste or I need to change the entire Heatsink. Thank you!!
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