Question Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G suddenly died while charging. Is it the battery?


Jul 11, 2017
I've had my phone for almost 2 years now and never had any kind of problems with it until today, when it died suddenly while charging. I had it at 1% and charged it on my keyboard USB charge port but since it's a slow charge I ended up plugging in the phone charger after a few mins and left it there, and it was charging since I saw the charging animation on the always on screen. I left it for an hour- hour and a half and when I went to get it I noticed there was no light on the LED status indicator and when I tried to turn it on it just didn't work. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is here, but I think it's probably the battery or the usb-c port, since I had something else charging in the same extension cord and it works fine so I don't think it was a power surge though I'd like some opinions on it first before I order a new battery and try to fix it. Thanks in advance!