Is it ok to buy a refurbished laptop? If yes from where?


May 3, 2013
I'm interested in purchasing a laptop and am wondering if refurbished laptops are ok. I've been checking out the Outlets for Dell and Lenovo as well as sites like Tiger Direct and Rakuten.
If you think they're ok to buy which places should I check.
I've read some disturbing things about Rakuten so i'm wondering if theyre ok
I've heard good things about Tiger Direct
Are their better sites.
Any feedback will be appreciated.
Picked up a scratch and dent (that I couldn't find any scratches or dents) from Dell's outlet about six years ago. Fried one of the RAM slots and the wireless card died a few years in, but more than got my monies worth. In fact, I'm debating between upgrading that system or going with a new tablet ($25 and some work vs $400).

-Wolf sends