is it possible to connect an active subwoofer to my auna AV2 cd508bt amplifier?

dazza d

Oct 12, 2016
I'm looking to buy a subwoofer to give my sound system abit more.. I have the auna av2 cd508bt amplifier and wondering if there is anyway to connect an active sub via the REC output jack
Auxaudio input jack
Dvd input jack or cd input jack?

I have no idea about tech stuff so may sound like a stupid question
You can't use the record out jacks because they are fixed output and won't go up or down as you adjust the volume. You can use a speaker to line level converter to provide a line level output for the sub.
Connect it in parallel to the speakers using the same terminals. It is safe to use this way with any amp.
DO NOT just connect speaker wire with RCA plugs at one end. You will damage your gear.


Jan 27, 2012
SO, an active sub has an amplifier built right into it, that is what the metal panel on the back is.
So all you really need to do is get the SUB a mono signal so it knows what to play, your receiver is going to power the speakers.

You can split the signal at the source and send one to your reciever and one to your sub, but that means adjusting the volume on your receiver won't impact the sub, you'd only get volume change if you altered the source volume.

A better option would be to take an OUTPUT from your receiver and pass that to the sub. This would give you volume control at the receiver. If you only have a few OUTPUTS, you can split it without any loss (because the subwoofer has an amplifier built in, so it won't take anything away from your speakers)

Hope that makes sense... its easier than you think!

dazza d

Oct 12, 2016

By outputs I'm guessing you mean the speaker terminals on the back of the receiver? Is there a certain type of cable I should go for?

Thanks for your help
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