Is it safe to sell my laptop(6 months old)?

Joongi Baek

Dec 7, 2014
I need to sell my laptop because my laptop is quite underpowered even it has a gt 750m and because it costed $2000, I could get a 100x greater build. But is it safe to sell my pc? I will surely wipe my data. Where should I sell my laptop?


May 3, 2007
So, you mean "safe" as in "when the other person starts using it, will he/she be able to see my stuff"?

If that is the case, then you can "factory restore" the Notebook before selling it. That way you will be 100% sure you won't have that problem.

As for where to sell it... What I usually do to sell stuff, I try to contact relatives and friends if someone needs what I am selling. And after I exhaust that option, I move to online forums and other sites.

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