Is my GPU dead?


Feb 11, 2017
Hi, I'm troubled with my "was great" laptop that I've been using without problems for more than 2 years. My laptop is Lenovo Y50 with GTX 860m, 8GB of RAM, Samsung Evo SSD and i7 processor and it is running Windows 10.
The problem started yesterday. I was launching Overwatch like I always have, and as soon as it opened I got to the logging in screen then the laptop froze completely(no response, just froze screen with no mouse or keyboard response). So I forced it off, not being concerned, thinking it was a one time thing. So I relaunched Overwatch and the same thing happened again. So it started worrying me and I thought maybe it was the patch that took place for Overwatch right before I launched it. So I reinstalled Overwatch and launched, same thing happens. So now really worried I've tried every games on my laptop(not many) like Diablo 3 and Battlefield 1. And they all caused the same result. Computer completely freezing up. And I've done memtest, which returned my RAM is doing ok, My SSD is writing and reading just fine. I've reinstalled Nvidia Graphics Driver after getting rid of the driver with DDU. The problem still persists. There was one occasion though where Overwatch got to the main screen which has 3d rendering involved. But it was only once. Ever since the problem started, there would be times where computer would freeze as if I have launched a 3D game, right after when the computer boots into Windows. Another thing I've tried is I've disabled the switchable graphics card in the Bios setup, and after that everything was fine except for the fact that I can't play any games since my onboard graphics card is you know... just not capable. I'm doubting the verdict I made myself in hopes that I'm wrong. What do you guys think? Sorry about the wall of text and thanks in advance!